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How Stress Affect Your Weight Loss Goals.

People are slowly developing an understanding of how their level of stress can impact their progress toward their weight loss goals. Numerous studies have identified the link between the type of the consumed calories (e.g. protein, fat, carbohydrate) and the success of a weight gain or loss objective. But relatively little has been done to associate body chemistry with weight loss.

Our bodies have evolved very little from the body that our cave dwelling ancestors had in their lifetimes. Sure, we have computers, cell phones, commercial flight and many other advances that our ancestors couldn’t even dream about but we still have pretty much the same body we had in the cave dwelling days.

Imagine a time where you were the hunter and the hunted. You constantly had your senses up and aware of any danger as you walked about in search of food. If you wanted to eat, you had to first find something edible, hunt it down and then prepare it for consuming. Your body was in a state of stress because it was trying to save the food stores (i.e. “body fat”) it had while trying to supply your muscles with enough energy to support the hunt. This was a tricky balance in that letting go of too much body fat could lead to starvation whereas not releasing enough would lead to becoming fatigued which would lead to a failed hunt which would also lead to starvation.

Now consider our current lifestyle. We no longer walk for miles to get our next meal. We can just drive to a local fast food joint or grocery store and try to decide from the plethora of options being offered. The result is that we do not engage in the exercise of our ancestors to obtain our next meal and so we do not dig into our food energy stores (i.e. body fat) to support the hunt. Burning fewer calories means less body fat lost.

Our current stress is caused by our jerk boss and trying to pay the bills. Our bodies treat these stressors in the same fashion as our ancestors. Our body’s response to this stress is to get back on the tightrope to balance between parceling out the calories and holding on to them. Since we don’t walk for miles to pay our bills, we no longer have the physical exertion to burn off the calories and so our bodies are able to hold on to more of the body fat stores.

When we reduce our caloric intakes, the little caveman inside our bodies perceives this as a return to the fields of scarcity. This causes it to hold on to all the body fat it can to survive. If we stress our body with less food or jerk bosses then we are telling our bodies to KEEP the fat instead of lose it.

Reducing your stress levels as you exercise will allow the caveman within to work with you instead of against you.
(Dr. Charles D.C.)
Utilize Holiday Stress To Lose Weight

The Holidays are here and with the joy of the season you also have the traffic to fight in the stores and on the roads, the lists to make and fill, the house and tree to decorate, the cards to send, the food to prepare and the parties to give and attend. All of this plus your regular day to day routine can drive anyone crazy. Stress this time of the year usually leads to added weight because most people eat when they are stressed. Here is a way to take that unavoidable stress an make it an advantage. If you follow these tips you will not only be less stressed but you won’t gain weight this holiday and you may even lose it and get in better shape than ever.

In Traffic
If you are waiting, in traffic of in a line of people make it productive. This is a lot easier than you might think. If you’re in the car you can tense your muscles.

Hold your muscles tight for as long as you can then relax for about 10 seconds. Do this until traffic begins to flow. You will be surprised at how effective this is. Try to compete with your own time by holding the tense muscles longer and longer each time.

You can also do this when you’re standing in the long store lines while shopping. Another thing to do while standing in the long checkout lines is move from foot to foot. This is easy to do and fairly unnoticeable but it allows you to use your own body weight to exercise the muscles in the legs and buttocks. It also has the added benefit of making you actually less tired.

If you have merchandise you can even use something that weights more and shift it from arm to arm. Nothing to heavy, maybe 1 to 3 pounds. Carry it in one arm for a minute then switch it to the other for a minute.

WeStayHealthy Can Help You Lose Weight! 

"I have only just begun, but so far so good! I have lost 2 inches around my waist, and 5 pounds in only 2 days of the master cleanse, and 2 days eating the raw diet- which I love, by the way. The smoothies are excellent and I have already noticed my energy levels are up. My husband said I looked so much younger, and that was just on day 2 of the cleanse.... I am excited and motivated to keep it up! I have wanted to eat better for a long while, and although I ate "pretty" healthy before, now I have great recipes and a better understanding of what makes a healthy body and one that sheds fat! yay!"

WeStayHealthy Has Recipies To Help You With Your Weight Loss Goals. 

1 scoop Prograde Vanilla Protein Powder
1 6-oz. Plain or Vanilla Greek yogurt
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tablespoon 100% Pumpkin (not pie filling)
Blend in food processor, put in a fancy dessert cup, and enjoy!

Nutrition Info:
Calories:  225
Protein:  42 grams
Carbs:  10 grams
Fat:  1 gram

Smoothies take little to no time to make and can really bring your metabolism back up to it’s fat burning capability. I bet you didn’t realize that eating healthy could be so good! Give it a try today.

Special thanks goes out to leankitchen.com for providing this healthy recipe.  For other healthy holiday recipes check out the Fat Loss Factor approved fat burning recipes.  If you haven’t gotten your copy of the popular Fat Loss Factor Program or if you’d like to learn a simple tip on how to lose weight fast to boost your metabolism, you can click the link and watch a short video.

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WeStayHealthy Focus On Nutritional ReBalancing.
Nutritional balancing is a sophisticated, integrated system for healing the body at a very deep level.  It uses older principles…, traditional naturopathy, and the use of specific foods and nutrients to increase the vitality level of the body.  It also employs modern theories such as the stress theory of disease, metabolic typing, cybernetics, holography, fractal mathematics, chaos theory, biological transmutation of the elements, and other physics and engineering concepts. These are combined with up-to-date Western medical physiology and biochemistry.
Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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